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The United Nations – There’s something for everybody-JS –

Varying nationalities, different hair textures and skin tones.

“I wanted the girls to keep their individual style, so there’s no uniform look. The idea was for the models not to look too overdone and also to have a tomboy flair”. -JS –

There was very little blowdrying, and for longer hair there was a lot of movement through the mid-lengths to the ends. –

Referencing the sexy nonchalance of 90′s Kate Moss and the downtown cool of Debbie Harry. –

The spirit of the collection was about celebrating a girls individual style and the hair mirrored that.  Blondes went a little darker in tone underneath, flashes of colour were added through the length and afros were subtly re-shaped. –

Step 1) Take sections starting from the nape and spray on Tonic by Bumble & Bumble to help smooth down hair, and layer on Straight Blow Dry by Bumble & Bumble blow-dry using a nozzle attachment on the dryer and a paddle brush.

Step 2) Once completely dry put in a centre parting from the hairline to crown or have the hair going back without one and run the straightening irons over the hair for an extra sleek boost. Take a few drops of Defrizz by Bumble and Bumble to banish any flyaways.

Step 3) Add hair extensions which match the tones of the natural hair colour, bond or clip them in securely, brush them down smooth and trim them to a squared off blunt shape. This will create width without too much heaviness.

Step 4) Once the extensions are secured squeeze some Brilliantine by Bumble & Bumble in hands and smooth over all the hair.

Step 5) Finish of by applying a gentle mist of Classic Hairspray by Bumble & Bumble.

1) Spray Tonic by Bumble & Bumble all over damp hair, then blow-dry hair smooth and back way from face using a vent brush.

Step 2) Once hair is dried apply Bb Gel by Bumble & Bumble to hair line using a tint brush, comb product through so that the roots are saturated and clean. Then apply Gellac by Bumble & Bumble to freeze the shape and give a glistening finish.

Step 3) Take a hair net and tie it onto the head to help flatten the look, use a dryer with a diffuser attachment on a medium heat setting to set the look.

Step 4) Once fully dried, remove the hair net and finish with a mist of Spray de Mode by Bumble & Bumble and Shine on finishing spray by Bumble & Bumble for an extra glossy fix.

Step 1) Layer on to hair Prep and Thickening Spray by Bumble & Bumble to prepare the hair for styling which will nourish hair. Using a medium round brush blow-dry smooth using a dryer with a nozzle attachment. Straighten out using irons over the mid-lengths and ends whilst spraying a mist of Holding Spray by Bumble & Bumble.

Step 2) Add hair extensions which can be bonded or clipped in that have different tones to break up the mass of hair. This will create a stronger look. Trim the hair extensions accordingly to match models own hair length if long or to blunt of the finished look.

Step 3) Take two front pieces of the hair from where the parting has been divided and spray a mist of Does It All spray on the roots to keep hairline flat. Use tension to flatten.

Step 4) Layer on Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble to the mid-lengths and ends making sure underneath has been sprayed. Next spray on Styling Lotion by Bumble & Bumble over where the surf has been applied for extra hold and texture.

Step 5) Twist hair into a low lying Chignon and clip into place, mist over Does It All spray by Bumble & Bumble use a dryer with a diffuser attachment on a medium heat until dry and set.

Step 6) Un-clip the chignon and let the hair down, break up the ends using Hairdressers Invisible Oil by Bumble & Bumble to give hair separation which also helps to accentuate the texture.