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The Dua+ Brand

DUA+ is one of the first of its kind: a collective that is also an ever-shifting culture, built for creators and a diverse audience. Incorporating the voices of its collaborators and crediting them, The brand aims to gives its audience expression and ownership of its items through a unique approach tech and design.

Established in 2017, DUA+ is one of a kind. Founded by British/Ghanaian, Darren AgyeiDua, the brand offers more than just ‘stylish streetwear’. Currently working inconjunction with the West African organisation and registered charity, Action Through Enterprise, DUA+ ensures 10% of proceeds of the 2023 ⚡️🔺 Season  are donated to the charity. ATE delivers key initiatives in education, enterprise and social change; actively improving the lives of civilians in Lawra Municipal, Upper West Region of Ghana.

With sustainable Hoodies sweats and tees, ethically produced and distributed. Whilst ‘fast-fashion fat cats’ thrust the fashion industry into a negative light, DUA+ pays conscious consideration to the sustainability of its supply chain. Honoring the Fair Wear Foundation, DUA+ is dedicated to promoting trust and transparency. The non-profit Fair Wear organisation strives to improve working conditions in the textile industry, verifying all member companies comply and implement the Code of Labour Practice. 

Each collection offers a fresh take on streetwear, ensuring designs are rooted in colourful and vibrant African prints. 



Registered Charity Number: 1149988

Fighting poverty in Lawra, Upper West Ghana

Winner of GUBA Charity of The Year 2017

Who are we?

ACTION THROUGH ENTERPRISE  is changing the lives of children and adults living in the poorest parts of Ghana. supporting small businesses and care for children living with disability, ATE is making a measurable difference to thousands of people.