Kevin Murphy Show London @ KOKO 2011 *****

I had a great time at the K.M Show here are the details.

At a show at the historic KOKO in Camden Town in London, Kevin Murphy and session master Felicity Davis and Carl Reeves demonstratred their latest techniques at a sold out event of over 400 guests.

The show was started by Carl Reeves who demonstrated how to add gossamer to the hair on a model in a Harajuku style hair.

He was followed by Felicity Davis who recreated her signature waves that last, perfect for a 50′s inspired and very modern “Mrs. Robinson.”

They were followed by Kevin himself who created a very modern afro on a model for his Africa inspired look.  Kevin also demostrated how to achieve long plaits using synthetic hair, which he then fashioned into a turban-like headpiece.

The African look was inspired by a recent trip Kevin made to Botswana on a very secret Vogue Shoot. Inspired by nubian turbans wrapped around the head and frizzy African textures. Kevin said he loved the idea of using hair as a turban or a headpiece.

Another style was inspired by the movie “The Graduate.” A modern interpretation of Mrs. Robinson pin-up style. 50′s brightly coloured, using high def colours and 50′s shape with rockabilly details on the boys.

The third section. Harijuku Girls really long cobweb “fascinators” gossamer, a modern japanese girl.

The live demonstrations were followed by a runway show of over 20 models.




Darren Agyei-Dua

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