Hello, my name is Darren Agyei-Dua I am of mixed ethnicity British/Ghanaian a holder of both passports which means I’m privileged enough to spend time in my Father homeland.I have visited Ghana 3 times spending a total of 7 weeks altogether there.

On my travels, I experience all the highs and yes the lows of visiting developing country.Most importantly I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most Friendly, Bright, Capable and Happiest people not to mention Naturally gifted people in all my life.

The point I’m trying to make is very simple that there is a large amount of people in Ghana with an abundance of growing potential, but without basic learning materials, I STRONGLY feel that those potentials won’t be meet if something doesn’t give. 

Since my first visit in 2010 and the other trips, I have made and experienced this one has rested on my conscious for almost 7 years.

Older and hopefully a bit wiser, I have decided to become a part of a small solution.

I truly believe that all people around the world should be in entitled to a real opportunity especially in our day age to have a chance a life.

Ghana has a massive history and culture and his contributed to the world in many ways far beyond the scope of this project so please do not hesitate when it comes to inquiring further about this situation at hand.

Thank you for your time please like and share PEACE

I’ve recently designed Three T-Shirts using traditional Ghanaian Kente cloth to contribute towards the goal of raising 25K for The Little angles academy. 


This to me is a very important cause for many reasons.I believe it will have a positive impact on many on levels within the community.THE GOAL OF Raising Funds will obviously go a long way in this project.But I feel it’s equally if not more important to bring awareness to the current situation of other Human Beings in NEED. 

A great deal of T.L.C has gone into this humble project and

if not you then who

if not now then when

if not here then where.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Diana Paintin, a Ghanaian by birth and a proud product of Ursuline Convent High School, England.  I am currently heading Little Angels Academy in Kumasi, Ghana.

The children of the school are aware of their privileged education and are encouraged to extend a helping hand to their less fortunate brothers and sisters by partaking in various community development projects.  We need to raise funds for the shipment and consignment duties of a container of books and educational materials to other schools and the setup of community libraries in and around Ghana.  The container is currently ready for shipment from England and needs to reach Ghana by the later part of 2017.

With very little educational resources available to most schools, the average Ghanaian child sees very little benefit in attending school and would rather do petty trading to support their family. The deprivation of education means that the gap between the few privileged and the underprivileged children is immeasurable.  By creating a library in every community, with trained staff, the children of Little Angels Academy hope to bridge the gap in the reading skills of the average Ghanaian child to enhance their future prospects.

Your contribution in this matter would transform the lives of so many children and young people in and around Ghana.  Your interest alone in reading this is very much appreciated.  God bless you.




Darren Agyei-Dua