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Manifesting Funds For The Disenfranchised People Of Ghana, 

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Registered Charity Number: 1149988

Fighting poverty in Lawra, Upper West Ghana

Winner of GUBA Charity of The Year 2017

Who are we?

Action Through Enterprise (ATE) is changing the lives of children and adults living in the
poorest parts of Ghana. Through the provision of free school meals, support for small
businesses and care for children living with a disability, ATE is making a measurable
difference to thousands of people.
Dowine Junior High School
Dowine JHS was the third school added to our school feeding programme, EducATE, in
January 2016. Located in the rural village of Dowine, the area now benefits from the full
cohort of ATE’s initiatives including support for local businesses and support for disabled
children. In the short time EducATE has been delivered at Dowine Junior High School, we
have been able to see terrific improvements in school attendance and pupil wellbeing.
These outcomes combined are strong determiners for a brighter future!
However, Dowine JHS has been without a fully working borehole since 2015, meaning
access to water has been difficult. The children have been relying on a borehole used by
the primary school and the rest of the town, where queues can be as long as an hour, often
more. Many of the students will opt to walk over an hour away rather than risk the long
queues, carrying water long distances for drinking, hand washing and cooking.
What are we doing?
We are working with the community to fix the borehole. There have been numerous
attempts over the last two years to repair the system locally, but without sufficient money
and resources the pump has continued to break, putting a financial and emotional strain on
the community. We have decided to intervene and help them make long-term repairs,
bringing in new and robust pipes and parts for the internal infrastructure, completely

About me

Hello, my name is Darren Agyei-Dua.  I am of mixed ethnicity – British/Ghanaian – and a holder of both a British and Ghanaian passport which means I’m privileged enough to spend time in my Father’s homeland. I have visited Ghana 3 times, spending a total of 7 weeks in the country.

On my travels, I experienced all the highs and lows of visiting a developing country but most importantly, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the happiest and most naturally gifted people in all my life.

Ghana has a rich history and culture and has contributed to the world in countless ways. Ghana is also full of bright and very capable people, but without basic learning materials, I strongly feel that their potential cannot be met.

Older and a little wiser, I have decided to try and become a part of a solution.

Everyone around the world should be entitled to a real opportunity for an education.

This initiative will have a positive impact on the community with funds providing free school meals, support for small businesses and care for children living with a disability. As well as raising funds it is equally important to raise awareness to the current situation of other human beings in need.

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Darren Agyei-Dua