British Men’s Hairdresser Of The Year Awards 2009*****

Directed by: Darren Agyei-Dua

Hair & Wet Shaves: Darren Agyei-Dua (Using Kevin Murphy & Santa Maria Novelle)

Men’s Fashion: Mr. Phillip Start for Start London M/W S/S 2009, Alexander Mc Queen M/W S/S 2010

Stylist: , Mattihus Rahiman

Photography: Simon Cardwell

Make Up Artists: Gillian Davies, Tanya Guev, Kristina Jade

Models: Bruno Babolin (Select), Eddie Quarmby, Edwin J Ford , Aaron Perks (Nev), Kristan Zapper (Amck)

After gaining an excellent opportunity on helping to change male grooming, I thought i would enter the British Hair Awards (Mens Category)

So with 4 weeks to prepare I managed to get together.

5 Models

5  Suits

3 Make up artist

1 Stylist

Studio & lights

1 digital Retoucher

2 photographers (because one was sick in between)!

A whole lot of phone calls and emails  here the results..

more images in gallery page..


Darren Agyei-Dua

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